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The Fragment Series is an on-going body of work looks deep into the relation between details and colors on some of the world's most exquisite cars. 


The first installment of the series, Fragment 64, was released in February 2021. 

Fragment 64 is an A1 sized fine art print, limited to 25 editions boasting an 8 x 8 grid layout of 64 images arranged in a color gradient. 

Fragment 64 showcases an intimate study between cars and color. Sporting some of the most vibrant colors in the automotive industry - as well as some of the most intricate badges and ornaments - the print often invites viewers to step up close and enjoy the details. 

FRAGMENT x kanvas

In 2022, kanvas art gallery reached out for a chance to exhibit the series.  

The collaboration resulted in a month long exhibition of an installation that showcased the very best from the Fragment Library through a carefully curated interactive and immersive projection. 


Standing over 3m tall, the projections offered viewers a chance to really get up close and personal with each image. Furthermore, with clever tech provided by the team at kanvas, when the viewers would stand in a designated spots, the facing image would highlight itself and expand to its full size - comparable to picking a book from a shelf to have a closer look. 

This allowed the viewers to interact with the installation and have a closer look at the images they liked. 


To complement the installation, a revised version of the Fragment 64 layout was printed as a one off.

Offered as a *size* print on paper mounted on *material*, the print boast new images and and a noticeable clarity in the progression of colors. 

FRAGMENT at Xposure 2023

In 2023, the Fragment Series was invited to be exhibit at the Xposure International Photography Festival.

The digital aspect of the series was carried over from the kanvas project - however this time the images were presented on 6 four faced LED boxes. 

The selected images were picked from a sub series library that focuses more on abstract visuals. 

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